Post-Archaic, Knew-Folk, Ally-Friendly, Settler-Singer, Git-Fiddle Picker, Heart-Song-Poet-Peddler...     

Canadian contemporary singer-songwriter, poet, potter and world wide wanderer Lowell Friesen combines a tender hearted sensitivity, an edgy simmering angst and a dash of tongue in cheek humor to his brand of modern/folk, alt/country music. Born in Manitoba in a small mennonite farming community Lowell’s first influences ranged from the church choir harmonies he heard on Sundays to the twangy country tunes his father played when no one was around to listen. Moving to British Columbia in his adolescence he then discovered skateboarding and punk rock which inspired him to get his first guitar. Fueled by the energetic culture of the West Coast, Lowell spent his teens and twenties exploring music, writing and art. From the early 90’s in East Vancouver and a stint at Emily Carr School of Art, to the contemplative quiet life on the family farm in the Okanagan to the years in the Kootenays discovering bass culture and a love of the written word, Lowell’s passion for self-knowledge and expression churned, always just beneath the surface.  

In 2010 the dam broke and songs began to flood the landscape of his life. Armed with his shiny new Martin D-35 and rooted in his desire to understand the world and his place in it Lowell’s experience began to coalesce into his expression of folk music. Combining his whimsical poetic license, his simple and honest lyrical structure with understated acoustic riffs, the shape and canon of Lowell’s work began to unfold. For the next 3 years he would write profusely, play with as many people as possible and hone the craft of bringing his songs to the stage. 

In 2013 Lowell recorded and released his first EP with singing partner Jayme Mckillop, as Ginger & Rose and played extensively across BC, including a memorable slot at the Arts Wells Festival and a busy summer in the Okanagan.

The next year was full of writing, recording and playing live wherever and whenever he could. Focusing on the songs that would be recorded as his debut LP ‘Home …and Away’ he began work with Producer Ben Beveridge. Recorded in Ben’s home and at Skull Creek Studios in Saskatchewan, produced and engineered by Ben and Aspen Beveridge, and mastered by Corwin Fox, the album emerged as a fundamental building block in his career.  

In the spring of 2015 Lowell released the independent self funded 12 song record ‘Home …and Away’ and hit the road. Spanning 3 months and over 50 dates, Lowell traveled coast to coast across Canada delivering his folk fueled gift to new friends and fans along the way. Returning to the West in the fall and settling into the Okanagan, he immediately began pre production on the next collection of songs inspired by life on the road, the people he met upon it and new lessons learned.  

2016 & 2017 were years of hard work, hitting the road, hitting the page with a pen and getting ducks in a row for there next move.

The second record appeared under the name of vonReason in 2019 and featured a more polished indie-folk-rock sound and was completed in collaboration with nephew Lancen Harms. The two would go on to put a full band together and traded in their acoustic guitars for fuzz pedals and electric guitars. 

2020 begins a new chapter, playing solo shows with trusted acoustic guitar in hand as well as full band gigs with vonReason.